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President Hagerty and Beacon Student成立于1989年, 灯塔的大学 is the first college in the country accredited to award bachelor degrees exclusively to students with learning disabilities, 注意力缺陷多动症 and other learning differences. The group of parents who conceived of 灯塔的大学 did so knowing that given the right environment, 支持, 和工具, all students can succeed.

The College is committed to student success, offering academic and personal 支持 services that help each student achieve his or her goals. Set in the hometown environment of Leesburg, Florida, amidst beautiful lakes and close to area attractions, students are able to experience community living within easy reach of the resources they need to flourish academically, 专业, 和社会.


Successful 灯塔的大学 StudentEvery Beacon student leaves the College with stronger critical thinking skills and, due to a strong four year Career Development program, professional skills designed to help each student understand his or her specific skill set and goals. Career Development courses, along with professional internships, help insure each student embarks on the appropriate career path after leaving Beacon. 事实是83.3% of graduating students either obtain a job or continue in their education after leaving Beacon demonstrates the success of this program.

Beacon’s unique mission is gaining national attention, 和 College has been featured recently in publications such as USA Today. In 2022, the College was ranked #10 of small Southern colleges by U.S. 新闻 and World Report rankings of the best regional colleges, 2013年, Value Penguin identified Beacon as the best value amongst private colleges in Florida.


2014年,Dr。. George Hagerty became 灯塔的大学’s third president. He brings decades of experience to 灯塔的大学 as well as a commitment to student success. 更多E世博手机版下载博士的信息. Hagerty’s educational philosophy and his plans for 灯塔的大学, visit the Office of the President战略计划.


Beacon staff meets with studentIn 33 years of educating students with learning disabilities, 注意力缺陷多动症, and other associated learning differences, 灯塔的大学 has remained true to the mission established in 1989 by its founders to improve higher education opportunities for students with learning disabilities and 注意力缺陷多动症. By providing a 支持ive, resource-rich community with the necessary resources, Beacon enables students to excel academically, become more aware of their learning differences, and learn ways to thrive with them.

灯塔的大学 is truly a community that welcomes, accepts, and 支持s each member of it. The best way to understand what the College has to offer is to 访问我们的.